As a cat, only virtual
About cat bot
A little fluffy kitten in your mobile
Welcome to the Telegram tamagotchi game «Cat bot»! It’s a kitten that lives in your phone. You can take care of your cat: feed, pet and play.
Cyber kittie
The game «Cat bot» — is a great way to take care of your virtual cat. Please try to make sure your cat has enough to eat and something to play with, as it is essential for a healthy kitten!
munch munch munch
Your cat need to regularly eat. You can choose different foods which your cat might or might not like. Do not forget to feed your cat or he could starve and feel bad.
meow, please continue
The cat likes to receive affection and attention. Pet it to see it purring and stretching his paws. Do not forget to stroke your cat, otherwise it could get bored and feel lonely.
Visiting doctor
*ouch tummy hurts*
If the cat is not looked after, fed properly or played with, it may become ill and could need to be taken to the doctor’s. A visit to the doctor costs 1 rubles.
Please join us
You need a cat to be happy
You need an online cat — to be online happy
If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop us a message